Just by Chance Part 1

Welcome! You can find the rules for this challenge here: https://www.boolprop.net/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=5668


Sarah’s Spooky (A)sylum 2019

Welcome back! I’m doing my very first asylum challenge, despite the fact that it’s been around for a very long time. I’m using the rule set linked to here:


Here’s a shot of all my sims before they moved into their asylum house. I’m using my sim self as my one controllable sim (and the only human). Everyone else: 2 vampires, 2 ghosts, 1 mermaid, 1 spell-caster, 1 alien. The playable ghost idea didn’t really work out (more on that later) and I ended up changing them to humans later on.

I had an awesome time with this challenge! I was frustrating at times for sure, but overall I got to play in ways I normally don’t, see some new things, and feel a great sense of accomplishment!

Here’s the house! I downloaded it from the gallery and modified a few things.

Here’s the downstairs kitchen/living/dining area. I’m using hard mode. I chose to have a computer, easel, chess table, and pool (for the mermaid). Bookshelves don’t count as skill objects so I threw one in, and a fireplace for funzies. My four seats are the two dining chairs and the log loveseat.

Here’s the upstairs: 4 incredibly sad bedrooms, a toilet, a shower, and a mirror.

I got the spookiest pool I could find off the gallery and started in fall.

Lot traits: Haunted, Cursed, Creepy Crawlies

Planned aspirations for my sim: Painter Extraordinaire, Nerd Brain, Computer Whiz, Renaissance Sim

Let’s get this party started!

Fire #1 happened almost immediately when someone tried to cook something. I wasted so much money in the beginning replacing the stove that I eventually just stopped. I think the cursed lot trait does a little too good of a job!

The mermaid is constantly drawn to the water, even in cold weather. I got the “so and so is freezing to death!” notification many, many times.

Fire #2. I knew I was asking for this with the fireplace, but it happened so many times!

Fire #3.

Just wanted to document the fact that these sims love to hang out naked!

Vlad barged his way in but didn’t bite anyone.

Fire #4. The beginnings of the Worst Harvestfest Ever. I was determined to make a grand meal and call everyone to it so they could at least have a little bit of holiday cheer, but no…..

Fire #5

Fire #6 and….

…I give up!

I’m currently working on the painting aspiration and once I stopped replacing the stove, I saved up enough for a bed upgrade. Hurray!

Seriously, is it the erratic trait or what?

Death #1. It was only a matter of time after all…

Got rid of the loveseat in favor of another dining chair

And deleted one of the crappy beds.

Eventually I saved up for a better computer to get my fun need up faster.

Fire #7

Winterfest! Father Winter gave me a couch, which I can’t use, so I sold it.

Eventually I was able to afford two even better bed upgrades!

The haunted lot trait didn’t do anything until there were some (non-playable) ghosts around. Then they were haunting me every night!

Fridge upgrade! Also I’ve never had a sim poisoned before, must be the cursed lot trait.

Got ourselves a thermostat!

Here I’m angry because the alien, who has literally been in her alien form this entire time, didn’t tell me she was an alien (?)

I wanted to get one of these at the start but forgot, so I got one now! I still haven’t seen the rodent fever death.

Bathroom upgrade!

Odd glitch…

Death #2. Vampire #1 succumbed to the poison.

Sink upgrade!

Random trash plant inside the house

Fire #8

Fire #9. Which led quickly to…

Death #3

Well hello there

Death #4. Frankly I’m surprised he lasted this long, I was constantly getting the “so and so is burning in the sun!” notification. Had never seen this death before, cool!

An alien abduction! Too bad it was me and not one of the male residents, I would have loved to have a little green bundle of joy!

The shower was broken so everyone headed outside to shower in the rain

Had to buy a rocket ship for the Nerd Brain aspiration, so here we go!

Death #5. The pool claims its second victim. Is it me or did they change this animation? I feel like it used to be more morbid….

Crashed the rocket ship numerous times because I didn’t want to upgrade it

What a cool ghost!

Fire #10. Coming back from the grave to cause more trouble, I see.

Fire #11. There was a fire literally every time anyone cooked anything, even though by this point I had a few cooking skill points.

At this point, seeing that the only two residents still alive were the playable ghosts, I realized that they can’t die again. Having playable ghosts felt a little cheat-y, so I made them human.

Death #6. The pool was a mistake, you guys.

Fire #12. At this point I realized that she was trying to warm herself up after having frozen to death.

Oh no, my last resident!

Fires #13-15 looked exactly like this

Death #7 and Fire #16. Father Winter gave me a nice stove, so I took that as a sign and installed it. That’s it, all my residents are dead. Not sure if this means I failed the challenge? I continued onward alone (almost finished all four aspirations anyway)

As my last career for Renaissance Sim I became a secret agent and got a sweet desk upgrade.

And that’s it, we’re done! I finally made it out of the asylum, but at what cost??

Here’s my final total score:

+50: per aspiration completed. X 4 = 200

+1: per skill point any of the 8 Sims have at the end. Only living Sims count. X 67 = 67

+1: per 1000 Satisfaction points every Sim has. Only living Sims count. X 21 = 21

-20: per Sim that died. X 7 = -140

-20: per fire which has occurred. X 16 = -320

-10: per day when the power and water is shut off. (E.g. Power and Water shut off for 2 days =-20 points) X 0 = 0

TOTAL = -172 (womp womp lol)

I had a really great time doing this challenge! It was so different than how I normally play the game. And I loved doing the spooky variant with all the occults! I’m thinking about making this an October tradition for myself. Maybe I can even get a positive score! Changes for next year:

  1. Lot traits: Cursed is just too good at it’s job, made the challenge much too difficult. Haunted doesn’t do much unless there are graves already on the lot, so definitely spook it up next time! Creepy Crawlies was more of a nuisance than anything else. Use Haunted again, but two change the others. I don’t usually play with lot traits at all, so this is a fun way to explore the negative ones!
  2. Occults: Still use every occult lifestate available (maybe by next year there will be more!) but no playable ghosts. They can’t die and they kept leaving the lot without permission.
  3. Death traps: The fireplace and the pool led to many fires and deaths. This could have been compounded because of the cursed lot trait, but consider whether you want them or not. Do put in a rodent cage though!