Azure Skies: Chapter 9

We start off today with a dinner party hosted by Patrick for his Master Chef aspiration

Right now I’m focusing on having Aleesha finish up her requirements mostly involving festivals and food trucks. Here’s a shot of her getting her fortune told at the Romance Festival.

Ophelia has nothing to do these days except level up her wellness skill

Aleesha had her last required baby, another girl with blue skin! We can have an heir poll this time! Her name is Renee Azure Connors.

Birthdays galore! Patrick and Joselyn became young adults, Leo became a teen, Pamela a child, and Renee a toddler all within a few days of one another.

Aleesha got abducted randomly. I would love it if one of my male sims had an alien baby at some point in this challenge, but we never have any space anyway.

Renee became a child

And the whole family (plus rando townie) gathered around the TV to watch the countdown to midnight on new years eve

Pamela aged up into a teenager with the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration

Aleesha won the contest at the Spice Festival

Then aged up into an elder

At some point someone joined the athlete career and got the trophy cabinet reward. I put it into the house in case anyone won a trophy of some sort, but my sims decided to just put dirty dishes in it and then not be able to get them out lol

Patrick moved out after he completed his aspiration and the family adopted another dog: Monty. Also Leo became a young adult.

And finally, Renee became a teen with the Friend of the Animals aspiration (sigh). I already did this one with Aleesha, but I’m going for completing everyone’s initial aspiration.

And that’s all for now! Heir poll will be linked in the forum post.

Azure Skies: Chapter 8

We’ve got a lot to cover this chapter as I’ve been playing quite a bit and not updating. Here we go!

Aleesha won the first karaoke contest she entered! I was surprised as her singing skill was only level 5 or 6 at the time.

Blue finally went to the great big dog park in the sky 😦

Lawson aged up into a child

Ophelia needed to have one more child to move along in her aspiration. We had two spaces in the household at the time so of course she had twins, sigh. Meet Patrick and Joselyn! Fortunately we got another girl, so Jasmine will be able to move out to make more space.

Time flew by and before I knew it Patrick and Joselyn were toddlers

Jasmine is getting to know the hot hermit from Granite Falls before she moves out to help her mother fill her aspiration goal of having a child get married

Jasmine and Pippa posed for their portraits

And Jasmine got with the hot hermit, whose name is Arian McCormick

Snapped this pic of Olivia (I think?) at the flea market just to point out that someone is selling their kid’s homework! Parent of the year right there lol

Then we had a triple birthday celebration! Lawson became a teen with the Archaeology Scholar aspiration and Patrick and Joselyn became children.

Lawn ornament update. Around this time Aleesha had her first baby, a boy named Leo Azure Connors. I forgot to have her eat strawberries, unfortunately Leo is not eligible to be heir.

Lawson made a few trips to Selvadorada, once with his aunt Neelah and once with his mom Ophelia. On this trip it rained the whole time unfortunately.

Ghost dogs still poop, who knew?

So many birthdays around here! Neelah became an elder, then moved out. Patrick and Joselyn became teens. Patrick has the Master Chef aspiration and Joselyn has Renaissance Sim. Joselyn will be sticking around for a while to have 4 grandkids for Ophelia. Lawson became a young adult and Leo became a child. What a cutie!

Lawson posed for his portrait. The portraits are about to spill out of the dining room. I might move them to the hallway which goes throughout the house.

Aleesha (I keep wanting to call her Amy!) had her second baby, this time a girl named Pamela Azure Connors. And she’s blue! Potential heir right here. And I’m pretty proud of the almost full wall of birth certificates back there.

Lawson looking pretty pleased about that dirt clump lol

And Pamela as a toddler.

Aleesha has completed most of her requirements, she just needs to have one more baby and do some festivals and food trucks. And that brings you up to date in the Azure Skies OWBC!

Azure Skies: Chapter 7

To start off this chapter, we had three birthdays:

Octavia became a young adult

Neelah a teen

and Aleesha a teen as well.

The three adults take advantage of the fact that the kids are at school to watch the Game of Lllamas season premiere.

They’ve had a fireplace since the start and this is the first time it caught fire!  Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was damaged.

Amy takes a shower in the family vault lol

Octavia sits for her portrait and decided to make that face.  I had a hard enough time getting to see her face at all with her hair like that!  Shortly after Octavia completed the Master Mixologist aspiration and moved out.

This left room for a new puppy to be Aleesha’s companion!

Jasmine became a teen and she randomly has grey eyebrows??

Meet our new puppy, Pippa!

Who didn’t stay a puppy for long

Neelah is now a young adult

As is Aleesha. Neelah got the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration and Aleesha got Friend of the Animals (perfect!). Shortly after their birthday they went camping to start on Neelah’s goals. Unfortunately she’s also Squeamish, so she actually hates camping lol.

Aleesha started a fire which she quickly put out.

Upon returning from Granite Falls, there were two deaths in quick succession. First went Amy

then Archimedes. I ended up giving Blue an age-down treat just before getting her pregnant, so she’ll be around for a little while yet.

I built a little graveyard behind the house.

Frankie Bheeda died of old age, so Ophelia needed a new man. She got with Tetsu Shimizu who she met at the park.

And before I knew it she had little Lawson Azure Shimizu! One more baby to go for Ophelia.

Lawn ornament update.

Neelah needed to go back to Granite Falls to meet more goals. Why, hello there Mr. Hermit!

Aleesha is now seeing Jonathan Connors (I added his family from the gallery when he and Aleesha were both children so she and Neelah could have some friends). He’s quite a cutie!

Lawson became a toddler.

Just as Jasmine became a young adult. If Ophelia has another boy, I’ll keep Jasmine around and have her have Ophelia’s required grandchildren. If Ophelia has a girl, Jasmine can move out.

Blue finally became an elder and stayed that way.

And I leave you with Aleehsa’s portrait. Exciting times for the Azure family!