S is for Sims: Chapter 6

Welcome! This was the first ever challenge that I posted about relating to my sims. I posted the first five chapters directly to the boolprop forum, you can find those here. On to the update….

A short update as I’ve got other challenges I’d rather be playing at the moment!

A huge thank you to everyone who voted in the heir poll! It came down to a tie between Alexis and Alfonzo. I flipped a coin and the winner was: Alfonzo!

With that in mind, I set about moving some of the older kids out so I’m not playing with a huge household. First was Sylvester who married his girlfriend Ayaka and now they are expecting their first child

Next up Ryland became a teen

Then, would it even be the Sims if nothing ever set on fire?

Alexis married her boyfriend Raynesh and they are also pregnant.

Alfonzo became a teen (so excited to get started on the next generation!)

And finally, another classic Sims moment: putting dirty plates somewhere inaccessible, then complaining about it.

Yup, I put some random decor items on those shelves to prevent this from happening again lol.

Let’s see: Alfonzo will need to get married and have 7 pregnancies! That’s so many! This will certainly be interesting.

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