Azure Skies: Chapter 9

We start off today with a dinner party hosted by Patrick for his Master Chef aspiration

Right now I’m focusing on having Aleesha finish up her requirements mostly involving festivals and food trucks. Here’s a shot of her getting her fortune told at the Romance Festival.

Ophelia has nothing to do these days except level up her wellness skill

Aleesha had her last required baby, another girl with blue skin! We can have an heir poll this time! Her name is Renee Azure Connors.

Birthdays galore! Patrick and Joselyn became young adults, Leo became a teen, Pamela a child, and Renee a toddler all within a few days of one another.

Aleesha got abducted randomly. I would love it if one of my male sims had an alien baby at some point in this challenge, but we never have any space anyway.

Renee became a child

And the whole family (plus rando townie) gathered around the TV to watch the countdown to midnight on new years eve

Pamela aged up into a teenager with the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration

Aleesha won the contest at the Spice Festival

Then aged up into an elder

At some point someone joined the athlete career and got the trophy cabinet reward. I put it into the house in case anyone won a trophy of some sort, but my sims decided to just put dirty dishes in it and then not be able to get them out lol

Patrick moved out after he completed his aspiration and the family adopted another dog: Monty. Also Leo became a young adult.

And finally, Renee became a teen with the Friend of the Animals aspiration (sigh). I already did this one with Aleesha, but I’m going for completing everyone’s initial aspiration.

And that’s all for now! Heir poll will be linked in the forum post.

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