Azure Skies: Chapter 7

To start off this chapter, we had three birthdays:

Octavia became a young adult

Neelah a teen

and Aleesha a teen as well.

The three adults take advantage of the fact that the kids are at school to watch the Game of Lllamas season premiere.

They’ve had a fireplace since the start and this is the first time it caught fire!  Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was damaged.

Amy takes a shower in the family vault lol

Octavia sits for her portrait and decided to make that face.  I had a hard enough time getting to see her face at all with her hair like that!  Shortly after Octavia completed the Master Mixologist aspiration and moved out.

This left room for a new puppy to be Aleesha’s companion!

Jasmine became a teen and she randomly has grey eyebrows??

Meet our new puppy, Pippa!

Who didn’t stay a puppy for long

Neelah is now a young adult

As is Aleesha. Neelah got the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration and Aleesha got Friend of the Animals (perfect!). Shortly after their birthday they went camping to start on Neelah’s goals. Unfortunately she’s also Squeamish, so she actually hates camping lol.

Aleesha started a fire which she quickly put out.

Upon returning from Granite Falls, there were two deaths in quick succession. First went Amy

then Archimedes. I ended up giving Blue an age-down treat just before getting her pregnant, so she’ll be around for a little while yet.

I built a little graveyard behind the house.

Frankie Bheeda died of old age, so Ophelia needed a new man. She got with Tetsu Shimizu who she met at the park.

And before I knew it she had little Lawson Azure Shimizu! One more baby to go for Ophelia.

Lawn ornament update.

Neelah needed to go back to Granite Falls to meet more goals. Why, hello there Mr. Hermit!

Aleesha is now seeing Jonathan Connors (I added his family from the gallery when he and Aleesha were both children so she and Neelah could have some friends). He’s quite a cutie!

Lawson became a toddler.

Just as Jasmine became a young adult. If Ophelia has another boy, I’ll keep Jasmine around and have her have Ophelia’s required grandchildren. If Ophelia has a girl, Jasmine can move out.

Blue finally became an elder and stayed that way.

And I leave you with Aleehsa’s portrait. Exciting times for the Azure family!

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