Azure Skies: Chapter 6

Maybe time for a little recap at the start of this chapter:

Our founder, Amy Azure, has had six children by three different fathers. There was Braydon Azure Frost (the only boy), twins Olivia and Ophelia Azure Ha (half alien), Octavia Azure Ha (half alien), and twins Neelah and Aleesha Azure Acharya. And of course their dog, Blue. So far Braydon has moved out, Olivia and Ophelia are young adults, Octavia is a child, and Neelah and Aleesha are toddlers. Aleesha is slated to be our heir as she has Amy’s blue skin, a requirement for one of the bonuses I’m attempting.

A lot is gonna happen in this episode as I played a long time with few screenshots. I tend to forget when I have so many sims in the house, lol. Onward!

Ophelia is now dating Frankie Bheeda, Jesminder and Arun’s son. Ophelia has the Big Happy Family aspiration, so she needs to have a family of her own. I’m not moving Frankie in because I don’t have the space.

Olivia just has to complete the Bodybuilder aspiration before I move her out. So I’m working her to death on the workout machines. After a few days she moves out.

Then Ophelia got pregnant by Frankie and had baby Jasmine! I’m awful at coming up with names so I decided to name her after her grandmother Jesminder.

At some point Amy woohooed with ghost Neelesh. He can’t die again, right? And I got that achievement “What would it be like?” which always cracks me up.

Amy is finishing up her requirement of eating all the food stall recipes at this very popular Moroccan food stall.

Amy and Ophelia posed for their portraits. Then we had a bunch of birthdays! First Octavia became a teen:

Then Neelah and Aleesha became children:

And Jasmine became a toddler:

I put the money trees back out and saved up a while to renovate the house:

I used some pre-built rooms and some gallery rooms. I did the outside of the house myself which is probably why it makes no sense lol. I hung all the portraits so far in the dining room:

Then they adopted a male puppy named Archimedes:

Isn’t he precious?? Quickly he grew up:

For now there’s no room for a puppy, but once there is these two will be having Aleesha’s companion! I can’t wait to see what he/she looks like.

Jasmine became a child.

And it’s already Harvestfest again! I’ve never seen them around a tree like that before. We did considerably better on the gnomes this year although Octavia had to beg for forgiveness as seen here.

Everyone ate a grand meal together.

And I had a great time rearranging the lawn ornament collection after the holiday ended.

Then Amy became an elder! I’m sad that her hair isn’t blue anymore and that she’ll soon no longer be with us. She only has a few food stall recipes to go to finish all her requirements, and we do need the space, but I get attached to my founders, ya know? That’s all for now!

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