Azure Skies: Chapter 5

I decided to include pets in the family portraits because why not, and I got this super cute shot of Blue! I’ve been feeding her an age down treat every time she becomes an elder this whole time. My plan is to adopt a male dog and have them breed once the next heir is a child/teen, that way she and the dog grow up together :).

So, HarvestFest is going well….

After a while with the money trees, I finally was able to buy Brindleton Pawspital! I eventually put the money trees in their inventory since cash was piling up and I didn’t want it to get too easy. Although now that I think about it, maybe I should just keep going and get them a vault? I do need to renovate the house sometime soon though…

I changed the vet clinic up just a little, expanding the office and putting in a cooler in case Amy gets hungry.

Octavia became a child! At some point I got Amy pregnant again by an elder named Neelesh Acharya. I accidentally woohooed him to death and thought I got a screenshot but evidently not.

Aren’t you cold??

Amy had twin girls this time, and I named them both after their father. This is Neelah

And this is Aleesha! Finally a blue skinned baby! So, we have our heir.

Just having Amy run the vet clinic long enough to finish up the vet skill.

Olivia will be moving out as soon as she completes the Bodybuilder aspiration (the twins became young adults, maybe I lost those screenshots to?). This is the face she made for her portrait lol.

I’m having Ophelia max the DJ Mixing skill since it isn’t tied to any aspirations. This is a shot of Blue tapping her paw to the beat!

Neelesh is the most helpful ghost ever, except for how after this he went around the house and broke EVERYTHING, lol

And then the babies became toddlers!

Amy now has both the Chopstick Savvy and Spice Hound traits. In addition to going to the festivals a lot to learn all the food truck dishes, I’ve also been having her make them at home. You don’t get a notification or anything when you get one of those traits, but now she gets confident whenever she eats spicy or chopstick food.

I’m working on getting Ophelia a husband to have babies with. Since she’s not the heir, I could have her husband move in, but I probably won’t just for space considerations. Between Aleesha’s line, Ophelia’s line, and the dogs, it’s going to be a very full house. Wish me luck!

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