Azure Skies: Chapter 4

Starting off with Amy awkwardly throwing a simoleon into the well to no effect.

We had three birthdays on one day, so Amy made a cake out of everyone’s favorite fruit in this house, strawberries! First Olivia became a child

then Ophelia

and finally Braydon became a teen.

He aged up with the mean trait, which will come into play later on.

The girls became partners in crime, wreaking havoc on their school together!

We finally got our money tree! It takes a while to grow to the point of sprouting money, but we’re well on our way to Brindleton Pawspital.

I decided to get Amy pregnant by Dawson Ha one more time. This turned out to be a mistake, but I did get a cool pre-woohoo shot from inside the rocket ship.

Just after getting it on with an alien in a rocket ship, Amy got abducted.

And after a few days, little Octavia was born! She unfortunately also has the alien blue skin, not Amy’s. I think the alien skin tone might be more dominant than the human one. If I had realized that I would have gotten her pregnant by a human. Also she has the fertile trait and got a fertility massage, but still had only one baby. *sigh*

Amy finally won a karaoke contest!

Braydon kept destroying the girls’ doll house and I had to wait until noon the next day to have someone repair it. I was considering locking him out of their room, but ultimately decided to just move him out after he finished his aspiration as a teen anyway (The Curator).

Brayon aged up and I moved him out immediately, but not before getting his portrait painted by Amy and farming his aspiration points for one more money tree seed!

Now we’re going!
Then we had three more birthdays the same day. First Olivia

Then Ophelia

Ophelia aged up with the Big Happy Family aspiration, so it’s too bad she’s not heir. It’s going to be a full house, that’s for sure! Then Octavia became a toddler!

I also decided to update Amy’s look since she’s almost an elder but I’m planning on giving her a potion of youth as she’s not done with everything I want her to do yet.

I’ve done the three required pregnancies, but I don’t have a female heir with Amy’s blue skin. I decided at the start to play for points, so I’m going to have her have more children until I get the desired heir. Plus, then I’ll have more sims to finish more aspirations and skills, right?

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