Bachelor in Newcrest: Chapter 1

Welcome to my wordpress! I had previously just posted the updates for my sims challenges to the forums, but I got frustrated with image hosting and decided to try a blog. The introduction to this particular challenge can be found here: On to the update!

To start off the actual challenge, we have Nina using a bush to pee in when the house has several brand new toilets in it. Typical sims, am I right?

Once she got inside, she lit the fireplace. Foreshadowing? Foreshadowing.

Some of the other contestant thought it prudent to dance for several hours…

…while Katrina watched TV for most of the day.

At least someone has the sense to use an actual toilet around here.

Working out was a popular activity since the house has two full gyms.

All those double beds made for some awkward moments of sims trying to get into an already occupied bed and failing since no one really knows each other yet…

Don ended up sleeping in the bathtub

Then, on the second night…

Nina started a fire making hotdogs on the grill.

Everyone freaked out for a minute, then ran away to stand at the front of the lot and let the fire burn. I decided not to intervene since it could turn out interestingly. The fire burned…

…and burned…

…and even made it all the way back into the house before snuffing itself out.

Meanwhile, the sims all stood there doing nothing, peeing themselves and passing out for nearly two sim days.

Then, tragedy struck. First went Nina…

Then Al-Ly (who the grim reaper was stuck on for quite some time)

By then everyone headed back inside, but sims are bad at taking care of themselves, so down went Dina…

…and Cassandra.

Half of our contestants gone, just like that! Luckily Don survived otherwise this would have been an epic failure. I continued to let them do their own thing and held off on any eliminations until they weren’t sad anymore. One last shot of Katrina really testing my patience…

…and that’s all for this update! Stay tuned to see which of our three remaining contestants, Katrina, Kaylynn and Shelly, will win Don’s heart!

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