Azure Skies: Chapter 3

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As promised last time, Amy got pregnant by Dawson Ha, the blue alien.

Look at that face.

I put the refrigerator in the family inventory so I wouldn’t forget to have Amy eat strawberries. This meant that Braydon had to also eat nothing but strawberries, but he survived.

As he came out of the house to react to his first snow, I wanted to point out that there are no Santa hats for kids in this game. This elf hat is the closest I could get, unfortunately.

I tried having Amy feed Blue a poop randomizer treat to see if I could get some gold bars. I did get some gold poops, but it wasn’t worth the anguish that seeing Blue sick caused me, so I had Amy cure him. I assume the chances of getting the gold bars are pretty low anyway. Back to the original plan of getting a money tree! Also we aren’t doing too bad with the birds of paradise plants.

All those strawberries paid off and Amy had twin girls! I named them Olivia and Ophelia. They have blue skin, but unfortunately I think it’s their dad’s blue skin not their mom’s. One more pregnancy to go!

The flamingo army grows! I decided to also keep all the gnomes that show up on HarvestFest. So many lawn ornaments!

Amy went to the Humor & Hijinks festival, the last one she needed to attend! She joined the jokesters and they won!

At the next Spice Festival, Amy won the spicy food eating contest!

Clement Frost asked to come over on WinterFest and was still there when the new Father Winter came down the chimney. I’m seeing double!

This is Olivia as a toddler.

And this is Ophelia as a toddler! I think they’re both super cute.

I’ll try again with the strawberries for the third pregnancy and maybe also a fertility massage, but if I don’t get a girl with Amy’s blue skin I might call the alien blue good enough! Definitely waiting for the twins to become children though. Until next time!

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